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I offer a person centred approach to counselling, where I allow my clients the space and privacy to talk about their personal problems in a warm and confidential environment.  I started the business myself as I have a love for counselling and enjoy the work that I carry out with all of my clients. I have found it to be a very rewarding and invigorating profession. Giving me a space to really learn about people and to really offer help to people in times of deep personal need.  As well as running my private practice, I work part-time in a secondary school as a counsellor and I deliver counselling sessions for a women's charity in Liverpool Blackburne House. 

Prior to my counselling career I worked for 20 years in secondary education as a school senior leader and a trained Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO).  In particular, I have a passion for working with young people and have extensive experience of supporting them both with their education and mental wellbeing.  I feel a particular strength of mine is being able to develop a professional, trusting relationship which enables young people to open and explore how they are feeling.     My personal, moral qualities and ethical values are pursued by me with meaning – these are in line with those strongly encouraged by the BACP Ethical Framework for all Counsellors and Psychotherapists to aspire to and include: Empathy, Sincerity, Integrity, Resilience, Respect, Humility, Competence, Fairness and Wisdom.

I am a member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and the British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies (BABCP) and I comply with the assertion that: “All information about services should be honest, accurate, avoid unjustifiable claims, and be consistent with maintaining the good standing of the profession.”

My practice is consistent and maintains the good standing of the profession.  I undergo regular supervision with specialists in therapy for both adults and young people. My standards of practice are confidently maintained through research and continuous professional development. 



"I would like to thank Alison for all the help and support with my anxiety, which had recently escalated from general worry to something that was affecting my ability to function on a daily basis. Alison is compassionate, caring and took the time to listen to my worries and to help me understand why my anxiety had become so much worse. With Alison’s support I was able to make changes, refocus my mindset & take back control of my emotions. I now feel human once again.

Thank you so much for everything."              S, aged 29

"I just wanted to say a huge huge THANK YOU! Since having my sessions with you I feel like myself again and for that I am eternally grateful. I lost myself and who I was for a while but your help and guidance I found me again 😊. Seeing you has been the best thing I could of ever done I just wish I had seen you sooner! I appreciate all you have done! Thank you again 😊x"       N, aged 43

My 14 year old daughter began to see Alison on the 26th May 2021 after having a few bad weeks at school and also suffering from lots of anxiety and the onset of self harming. She had become very withdrawn and barely left her bedroom, this was a mixture of reasons combining covid 19, a house move, home schooling and also not being able to see friends and family and which resulted in a lot of time spent alone in her room.

My daughter attended hourly sessions each week with Alison for 6 weeks, and the outcome of her having the counselling was like a brand new daughter or better still I got my daughter back. She suddenly became very interactive with family and friends again, showed lots of enthusiasm when it came to school and homework and also showed more willing to be more involved in getting out the house more. She also promised to stop the self harming which she did and also what I noticed the most was how after only a couple of sessions how she suddenly felt she could open up more if she was feeling low or had any thoughts of self harm and this in itself was a massive step forward as prior to her meeting Alison she clammed up so much she barely opened up about anything.

We agreed to see how things went over the 6 week summer holidays and if the need should arise then she was always welcome back to have more counselling but hand on heart it’s been the opposite, she has become even more bubbly than she ever has, has been going out with her friends more , the lockdown rules being relaxed has also helped massively and her return to school on the 6th September which is year 10 for her so the start of her GCSEs and she has had such a positive start. Even her teachers have noticed the difference in her attitude and mannerisms when in school.

Without Alison’s help I really am not sure what situation myself or my daughter would have been in and for that I thank Alison from the very bottom of my heart at helping my daughter overcome something a parent never thinks will happen to their child.  My daughter really bonded with Alison which I think helps dramatically and with this relaxed and mutual connection it allowed the sessions to be successful and also allow my daughter to see that life is worth being here for and enjoying.

Again thank you Alison, there aren’t enough words for me to use to thank you for all your help.           Parent of 14 year old


“Before I started counselling, I doubted if I could get better and doubted if counselling would work but it has worked and Alison has been great. She made me feel comfortable enough to be able to talk about the things that were affecting my life including my work and my relationship. Alison understood what I was going through, she taught me about anxiety and how it affects the body and gave me the tools to be able to cope when I was struggling.  I am so glad I had counselling as it has completely changed how I deal with things. Thank you Alison.”                                              J, aged 27

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