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Fees, availability and payment

When you first make contact I offer a free 20 minutes telephone consultation.  This is an opportunity for you to briefly share your reasons for therapy and to ask any questions about the therapeutic process.  If you are uncomfortable speaking over the phone, I can arrange a face to face consultation.  

The first counselling session allows us to meet and gives you some time to tell me your story.  I believe that it is important to find the right therapist for you, as this can make a substantial difference to the outcome of therapy. At the end of the first session you may decide that you want to continue with further sessions on a regular basis. These sessions may be at the same time and day each week or fortnight depending on what is suitable for you.

Fees, length of sessions

The price of the sessions start from £45 for 50 minutes. The number of sessions you may require varies from individual to individual. This may range from an average of 6-10 sessions, to some clients needing only 2-4 sessions, and yet other clients may require a longer term approach. This will always be your decision and remains in your control, and I will always discuss your requirements in depth with you. Honesty and integrity are essential in the way that we work. 

I do offer a 10% discount for block bookings paid in advance.

Availability and payment

Availability are evenings during the week and during the day Saturdays and Sundays. The initial telephone consultation, is an opportunity to discuss the next available appointment time and to ask any questions you may have.

Payments should be made either prior to the session or at the start of the session.  This can be made in cash, bank transfer or through Paypal.  Payment options can be discussed and agreed during the initial consultation. 


Cancellations within 24 hrs will require full payment, within 48 hrs a 50% charge.

Please contact us for further information, availability and times.


Therapy is a unique relationship, and you may reveal things about which you’ve spoken to few, if any, other people. All your communication with our service — whether in person, or by telephone or email — will remain confidential.

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